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Videos & Resources

The videos and resources section of my website is to collate short videos and resources to support the sessions I am currently delivering. Those who I am working with are welcome to use the resources through our work together and have videos to refresh on concepts that are discussed in session. If you are interested in doing some work together you may also find this area useful to explore CBT and how it can help.

Introduction Video Within this brief video I explain how I can help you with CBT if you are experiencing difficulties with Depression, Anxiety or PTSD and how you can get in touch if you would be interested in working together.

Anxiety & CBT Within this 10 minute video I explain what Anxiety is, why we experience Anxiety and how CBT can help if this is something you are experiencing.

Maintenance Cycles Maintenance cycles are used in CBT to begin to identify and understand your current problem. In this video I introduce the cycle, break down each section and explain how these link with the therapeutic work in CBT.

Depression & CBT Within this 10 minute video I explain what Depression is, why we experience depression and how CBT can help if this is something you are experiencing.

CBT for Trichotillomania This video was proudly created in collaboration with the Counselling Directory. Within the 5 minute video I explain what Trichotillomania is and how CBT can help.

Guided Relaxation Relaxation techniques are invaluable. This 10 minute exercise guides you through a relaxation technique based on progressive muscle relaxation. This can help those who feel tension, enjoy relaxation or would like to incorporate it into their day to day.

Therapy Resources


Mood Diary

Developmental Forumulation

Session Reflection

Therapy Blueprint

Behavioural Activation Diary

Behavioural Activation Identifying Activity

Behavioural Experiment Record Sheet

Theory A/ Theory B

Theory A/ Theory B Example

Theory A/ Theory B Evidence

Positive Personal Qualities Log

Unhelpful Thinking Habits

Cognitive Restructuring Thought Record

Worry Diary

OCD Core Belief

Responsibility Pie

PTSD Intrusions Diary

PTSD Updating Trauma Memory

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