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CBT Supervision

If you are currently seeking supervision, I would be delighted to work alongside you! I am experienced in delivering supervision to individuals who are either currently undertaking or have completed their CBT training and working towards accreditation. I offer both 1:1 and group supervision.


I recognise the value of supervision whilst undertaking therapeutic work, it is a fundamental part of developing therapeutic skills and knowledge but also supports therapist wellbeing. Supervision would be tailored to your supervision goals. Various tools will be used to support your development and learning including role play, CTSR feedback and review of recorded therapy sessions. In addition a curious space would be created to consider other factors that can contribute to delivering CBT e.g. intersectionality, client and therapist similarity, therapist beliefs and experiences. I would strive to create a reflective and curious space in supervision which supports your professional development, learning and wellbeing.


Online and in person supervision available in Taunton, Somerset. Appointments available Tuesday - Friday.

Online: Tuesday (1 - 6 pm), Wednesday (9 - 1 pm) & Thursday (9 - 6 pm)

In Person: Tuesday (9 am - 1 pm) & Friday (9 am - 1 pm) 


Free 20 minute Introduction Appointment (to book online please click here)

1:1 Supervision £85 per 1 hour

Group Supervision £60 per supervisee (max 3)


Contact Me

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Eve McIntyre

Somerset, England


Telephone: 07863 228 415

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